The Last Supper

Editor Jim Lowder’s third anthology of zombie short stories, The Book of Final Flesh, was released in June 2003, proving that you can’d keep a good man down. Or should that be—”you can’t keep a dead man down?

My contribution, “The Last Supper,” is the final story in the final volume of this zombie trilogy, which is as it should be, considering that it was designed to be the final zombie story. The tale aims to answer the question: What happens after the last human is gone, and all that remains in the world is hunger?

It was interesting to see what readers made of this one, since it’s a horror tale with a side order of science fiction snuck in. And I remember from my days editing Science Fiction Age that there are many readers out there who want their genres straight—no mixing of science fiction, fantasy or horror. Those uncompromising purists should look elsewhere, I guess, but as for the rest of you—enjoy!

“The Last Supper” was reprinted in my zombie collection What Will Come After, and was also chosen to appear in Zombies: The Recent Dead and The Best of All Flesh.