The Day He Bought His Last Hot Dog at Coney Island

Two young brothers visit Coney Island, seemingly for a day of fun. But as time passes, a secret is hinted at, and then revealed—the apparent younger brother is actually a clone of the apparent older brother’s true deceased older brother. (Make sense? In the story, it does, I hope.) As for the reason why this is happening, and why one sibling has brought the other back to life, the answer when it arrives should be a moving one.

New Pathways‘ early issues were subtitled, “a magazine of experimental science fiction,” but that cover blurb was dropped after the fourth issue, perhaps out of fear that potential readers might flinch, as if they were being asked to eat their vegetables. Nevertheless, it was an important magazine and I miss it.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to reproduce the cover of the Winter 1988/1989 issue here as it originally appeared. It was printed on red dayglo paper, and no matter how much I fool around in Photoshop, it always seems to turn out pink. So this will have to do …