I wrote “Glitch,” a story about robot sex in the future (did I get your attention?) hoping to place it in an anthology with the theme of Artificial Intelligence.

Just to show that a) nothing works out as we intend and b) things can still work out well anyway even when they don’t, I’ll share that the story was rejected by the editor whose book had acted as a catalyst (and yes, I still get rejected), and that it was then purchased by George Mann for the third volume of the prestigious Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, which went on sale in February 2009.

Over at Fantasy Book Critic, Liviu C. Suciu reviewed the entire contents of the book and gave “Glitch” 4 1/2 stars … which as far as I can tell, was on a scale of 1 through 5. (If I’m misinterpreting things, and it was instead on a scale of 1 through 100, please … keep that to yourself.)