Are We Not a New People?

Stephen Jones had an infectious idea for an anthology—a shared world novel of the zombie apocalypse written in the form of emails, text messages, diary entries, interoffice memos, speeches, song lyrics, and other eyewitness accounts.

And so was born … Zombie Apocalypse!, which was published in November 2010.

Along with Pat Cadigan, Kim Newman, and more than a dozen other writers, I told the story of what happens after an excavation at a construction site releases a centuries-old plague that turns its victims into flesh-hungry ghouls. I have the penultimate story in the book, written in the form of a speech given by a future President of the United States. (And since the tale begins in the UK, the final installment is a letter from the Queen.)

In order to learn how to sound stately enough, I read every inaugural address I could find, as well as historically important presidential speeches. So don’t be surprised if you notice some familiar allusions amidst the blood and gore.