Apartment 6-D

It is said that time heals all wounds, but I don’t think it does, not really. What time seems to do instead, for me at least, is erase the emotional memories of those wounds. And so I have mixed feelings looking back at the publication of this story about a man who moves into an apartment building only to come to believe that he can hear his parents living a floor above and decades in the past.

That’s because “Apartment 6-D” was split in half and run in two consecutive issues of Nightshade. You’d think that the events of 1992 wouldn’t seem so far away … but they do. And so I can no longer remember whether or not I was upset by the story being bisected, or just happy to finally see it in print. I can’t even blame this on the editor, because I can no longer remember whether or not he got my permission first.

Unfortunately, I am sure that there are readers walking around out there who only read one half of the story and wondered, what the heck was that?