The Superman Family #194 (April 1979)

I wish I could tell you all about the Supergirl story I wrote called “Nightmare in New Athens”—but I can’t, because I’ve somehow managed to misplace my contributor’s copy over the years and have no memory what that nightmare was!

In fact, all I know about the story is what I read over at the Grand Comics Database and the DC wiki—that it was fifteen pages long, drawn by Don Heck, and that the plot was as follows:

Supergirl returns to New Athens Experimental School to discover that Professor Martin, a sociology professor, has set up a mock prison on campus, with some students divided into “prisoners” and “guards.” The guards are reacting with real violence to supposed “transgressions” of the prisoners, and Supergirl intervenes.

Guess I was reading my Stanley Milgram at the time!

I’m not bothered by the fact I couldn’t remember the details of the plot—but that I couldn’t remember the story was drawn by Don Heck, the guy who co-created Iron Man? That’s a comic book sin!