Marvel Spotlight #26 (February 1976)

I remember the Scarecrow’s second appearance more for the mention of Andy Kaufman I squeezed into the script than for the story itself.

I’d spent most of the summer of 1975 at the Improv Comedy Club in New York, loved Kaufman’s act, and asked him, in those pre-Taxi days, whether he minded if I mentioned him in print. And so I had two of the characters enter a scene debating whether Kaufman was funny or a faker.

Unfortunately, I never learned whether or not he liked it.

The story “Death Waters of the River Styx,” drawn by Ruben Yandoc, appeared in Marvel Spotlight #26 (February 1976). It was the character’s second and final solo appearance. Though there were plans for him to move to his own title, the horror implosion was the death of him.