Giant-Size Defenders #5 (July 1975)

One of the fun things about working on staff at Marvel Comics in the ’70s (but back then, wasn’t it all fun?) was that you’d often get pulled into impromptu plotting sessions, and the first of these in which I ever took part—or the first for which my contribution was considered substantial enough that I got a credit on the book—was Giant-Size Defenders #5.

As a result, “Eelar Moves in Mysterious Ways” had one of the most convoluted comic book credits ever:

You won’t believe this, but … Steve Gerber, Gerry Conway, Roger Slifer, Len Wein, Chris Claremont, and Scott Edelman plotted this tale. Steve scripted it, Don Heck drew it, Mike Esposito inked it, Dave Hunt inked the backgrounds and lettered it, G. Roussos colored it, Len edited it. Coffee and moral support were provided (for a price) by the Lantern Coffee Shop on 53rd St. and Carla made the meatloaf. Once you’ve read it—the story, not the meatloaf—you may wonder why. Answer: Why not?

Ah, the Lantern Coffee Shop. More issues of 1970s Marvel Comics were plotted there than you will ever know!