As a writer, I've published more than 80 short stories, and am a five-time Stoker Award finalist. As an editor, I worked for the Syfy Channel for 13+ years, most recently as the Editor of Blastr, and have been a four-time Best Editor Hugo Award nominee.

My most recently published short story, "That Perilous Stuff," an unsettling tale of two siblings and their mother for whom hoarding has gone terribly wrong, appeared April 2016 in the anthology Chiral Mad 3.

My books have run the gamut from a a Lambda Award-nominated vampire novel to collections of science fiction and horror short stories to unauthorized wrestling biographies of Chyna and Steve Austin.

Back when I worked in the Marvel Bullpen at 575 Madison Avenue, we all had to have nicknames. Stan "The Man" Lee dubbed me "Sparkling" Scott Edelman. And it's all been downhill from there. Check out my four-color fantasies.

I started out editing magazines made out of dead trees more than 30 years ago. These days, I'm editing electronic bytes. But whether forged of paper or pixels, words still remain words.

Don't touch that dial! Here come my televised works, as performed by the likes of Yeardley Smith, Jeff Conaway, Roy Dotrice, Mabel King, Larry Manetti and the Herculoids.